How To Cope with Loneliness

5 Mar

Thought Catalog

When friends scatter after graduation, you’ll probably find that you spend more time by yourself. It may take a while to reestablish a solid social circle, so in the meantime, why not cultivate some good old-fashioned self-reliance?

Do stuff only you care about.

You know how when you’re hanging with other people, you’ll want to do something kinda weird, and you’ll cautiously say, “oh, this is interesting,” but no one else thinks so, so you don’t do it? Like maybe they shoot down your idea to make ice cream with a different pickled vegetable every week? That never happens when you’re on your own.

Meet your new best friend, the internet.

The web is totally not just for weirdo loners anymore. You can find promising restaurants, shops, art galleries, volunteer opportunities, outdoor activities, groups, friends, and dates really easily these days. No matter where you are, there’s no way you…

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