20 Thought Catalog Articles That I Made Up, Which Are Also Probably Real

12 Feb

1. The 7 Different Kinds of People You Will Meet In Brooklyn

2. Is Being Gay Still a “Thing”?

3. 36 People On The Weirdest Thing Their Childhood Pet Ever Did

4. I’m Sleeping With My Boss (and I’m Not Sorry)

5. 12 Thinks That You Definitely Shouldn’t Drunk Text Your Ex

6. The Culture Divide: How Language Changes Habits

7. How I Learned To Love Myself

8. I Sill Believe In Valentine’s Day

9. What I Really Wanted To Say After Our Date

10. This Is How You Left Me

11. The 20-Something Guide To Furniture Shopping

12. Thigh Gaps Aren’t Just A Marketing Tool

13. 23 Things That I Have Learned After 23 Years

14. The Divide

15. An Open Letter To Public Transportation

16. What Most People Don’t Know About Rape Survivors

17. I Miss The Way You Looked At Me

18. This Amazing Kitten Riding A Scooter

19. 42 Quotes About Honesty

20. How To Find Your Soul-mate In New York


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