I Have Everything

1 Dec

I have everything. It’s a funny thing to say, but it’s true. Everything I have ever wanted is mine. I have wonderful friends, loving parents, the only boy I’ve ever loved. I have clothes, I have money, I have freedom. I have a 4.0. My hair curls more nicely than ever, my face has stopped breaking out, and I’ve started using the same perfume every day. I have it all. I have everything.

I’m not happy. Well, maybe that’s not the right way to put it. When I’m laughing with my friends; when I know that they really love me, I’m happy. When my mom give me a hug, and tells me she’s proud of me, certainly I’m happy. When I can make him laugh, or smile, I feel the joy in my chest spread across my whole body. It’s a joy I’ve never known before.

But when I lie in bed at night, I feel an emptiness that seems surreal. I look at all the photographs on my walls, and start to cry. I wonder what I’m doing. In two year, in a year, in six months even, where will I be? Because right now, I have everything. And I want to keep it.


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