The Change You Want To See

16 Apr

When I see the news for this bombing in Boston, it makes me feel hopeless. It makes me feel tired and lost. There is so much sadness in the world, and what do we do? I honestly have no idea. I don’t know how to fix the violence in America, or in the world. I just don’t know. The sadness we all feel when events like this occur is really indescribable. These events are what tear down our hope, and make us wonder if the things we’re trying to do are even worth it. What hurts us most when we hear about events like this is that we don’t know what to do. We realize, almost invariably, that there are parts of this that we can’t fix. And yet, tomorrow, we will wake up. Tomorrow, we will go to school, or to work. Tomorrow, and every day, we decide how we live our lives.

For some of us, it is easiest to say that we don’t know. We don’t know how to end violence. We don’t know if more gun laws is the right answer. We don’t know if it’s worth it to invest time in politics. But let’s not lose sight of the things we do know. We know that hate is only fought with love. We know that life is fragile, and that living things should be treated with respect. We make a thousand decisions each day that test whether or not we will live out these beliefs.

For others of us, it is easiest to say that we do know. We feel that if only our beliefs were put into place, and our laws were followed, the world would be a better place. And maybe it would. We know that people who fight for justice, for fairness and for safety are honorable in so many ways. But these people will never win this fight. They will keep fighting, as God knows, they should. We will still have violence, we will still have anger, we will still have hate. It’s easy to say that things would be better if we had control. Things would be better if we were in charge. It’s easy to give up, and leave it at that. But don’t we have control? Don’t we have control over how we live our lives?

It is easiest to say that we don’t know, or that we do and no one will listen. But tomorrow, what will we do? Will we rise to the sadness of the world, and bring joy? Will we match hate with forgiveness and love? Or will we resign, saying that we can’t make a difference? And for just a minute, let’s not even think about “we”. What about you? When you wake up tomorrow, what will you do?


One Response to “The Change You Want To See”

  1. evazephyr April 22, 2013 at 10:24 pm #

    Beautiful post! You are absolutely right that yes, we are in power, and yes, we can make a change in our lives. We can make a difference to the people around us, who need our love, and who are directly affected by whether or not we discipline our moods, our greed, our self-involvement, etc.

    Yes, terrible things happen on the world scale, but even more often, toxic bombs are blowing up in marriages, friendships, partnerships, the work environment – most of the violence in this world happens unseen, on the emotional level, and that creates SO much pain, mountains of pain. If we disarmed those bombs with love, life would be SO much better. At least for some—for the ones we know and love. And that matters!

    And who knows, maybe the grass root movement of love would take over. Maybe the influence we would have with our giving would be bigger than we anticipate.

    Can you imagine? You wake up full of love for your spouse, you go to work, and work with joy and desire to make things right and beautiful. You meet your friends, and you hold their hearts and share your heart generously. What effect would it have on them? AND their other friends and associates. A beautiful life is within reach of all of us. It may cost us some effort, some transcendence of our ego, of laziness, reactivity, of unwillingness to do what the others want; some going out of our way for someone else. There are some costs there, but heck, it’s well worth it!

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