We Are Never (Ever, Ever) Getting Back Together

20 Mar

“Now I know why all the trees change in the fall, I know you were on my side, even when I was wrong”- The Best Day/Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor,

I remember the days when I started to like you. Too much, actually. I was young, but I was old enough to know that your music was not quality. I was embarrassed. I made excuses for loving you.

They were true, these excuses. Because it’s true that I never liked your music. Not the music part, anyways. All I ever loved was they lyrics, and even those I knew were bad.

Yes, they were bad. But they were how I felt. I would have been better fit for the guy who liked the popular girl (You Belong With Me). Then there was another boy, and he may have looked the slightest bit like an angel (Hey Stephen). But in the end he let me down (White Horse, The Way I Loved You, The Story Of Us). And you were on my side Taylor. You were on my side even when I was wrong.

That’s the thing, though. I was wrong. In hindsight that first guy would have been a horrible match for me. He would have been bored with the things I talked about, and the things I thought about. I would have been bored with him.

And that second guy? Well I screwed up that one, Taylor. Back-To-December style screwed it up. If anyone was crazy, frust-er-ating, complicated, it was me. Yep, it was definitely me.

See, the thing is, teenage boys are not perfect. They’re not. But neither are teenage girls. There were times when I should have let it go, should have considered my own issues, should have apologized. But you didn’t tell me that part, Taylor. You told me that we were hurting together because he hurt us. But did you ever wonder- did we hurt him?

I don’t know who “he” is, really. He changes from album to album, from song to song, from blog post to blog post. When you’re young, sometimes that’s how it is. The “he” changes. People come and go. You learn and grow. And I want to change, too. I need to.

But you haven’t changed. So I need to tell you, Taylor, that we can’t be together anymore. I’m growing up, and I’d rather listen to Radiohead. Because the music is beautiful, and I’m sick of blaming him.


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