No More Spotify, or My Terrifying Encounter With The Computer Guy

5 Mar

Have I mentioned that I like 30 Rock? Yes? Well here’s the thing; I don’t actually have the responsibility to tune into a television programme once a week. I also do not like commercials as they promote large monopolizing corporations and I am a hipster who spells program with two ‘m’s and an e. Also because I have a really short attention span.

In other words I have been watching 30 Rock for the past year solely on Netflix. The only issue with that is Season 7 is actually not up, and I have been out. of. unwatched. episodes. This basically would have been fine and dandy since I can just re-watch old episodes whenever I want 30 Rock (all the time always). Also, I kind of like saving it so I never have to admit to myself that it’s actually ending (well, ended, really… but that’s a minor point).

The only issue (but a pretty dang big issue) was that a whole bunch of people I like were watching the last few episodes and commiserating together. They had long “what did episode five mean” talks and “oh it’s in a 30 Rock episode” inside jokes. They even met once a week for an exclusive meeting that they titled “we’re caught up on 30 Rock episodes lets chill together don’t invite Shannon”. And let me just say, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING that I hate more than people looking like they love 30 Rock more than me.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. By the time I realized times were desperate, I could no longer watch all the episodes I needed to see on the official NBC website. Let me tell you desperate measures were taken. Oh yes they were. It’s kind of embarrassing, and I don’t really want to go into it, but let’s just say this; in desperation, a lot of things were downloaded. Clear discretion was not being made about what I did and did not download. I think in the haze I may have clicked on a “~~**6ooth pErSoN tO cLiCk YoU jUsT wOn $1 mIlLiOn**~~” thingy. A lot of things happened, because I really love 30 Rock. More than you love it, probably.

Unfortunately, Project Free TV did not give me 30 Rock, and the next day my computer would not turn on. Since it’s a school computer, I took it to the school computer guy who is actually kind of intimidating. He told me to come back in a few periods, and when I came back he gave me this look, and said “Yes. You need to come back at lunch so we can talk about whether or not you can keep you computer privileges. I found a LOT of things downloaded that should not be there.”

Since this guy is a school employee, my immediate reaction was that I would be expelled. After I was expelled, the public school would not accept me because I had a bad record. My parents would kick me out, and I would starve on the street at the premature age of seventeen.

When I went back to the computer room at lunch, I got the “this is for school don’t download Spotify or Google Chrome or anything else” speech. No questions. One threat. I was gone. When the relief wore off, I started getting mad. I re-downloaded Google Chrome, but downloading Spotify is blocked. Also my psych homework that was on my desktop was GONE.

So anyways, this is the end of my run with Spotify. I will miss the unlimited Bon Iver, the unlimited… everything else. But it’s gone. Goodbye, Spotify. I’ll miss you.


4 Responses to “No More Spotify, or My Terrifying Encounter With The Computer Guy”

  1. isabrown7 March 5, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    how embarrassing… but really… this is really bad.

  2. Karin March 5, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    the title rhymes

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