The flip side to “You do you”

18 Feb

spontaneous speculations of a contemplative kombat

You do you, but sometimes, do more…

It’s good to be yourself. Let your emotions go as they please. Be obnoxious. Sing out loud. Be average. Fail a couple tests. Ace a couple more. Read your texts out loud as you type them. Shave every day, or once a week. Whatever you is you.

But if you’re like me, and your average is getting over the top. You fail more than a couple tests. And rarely ace but one. It’s time to study. You never shave, because it takes too long, and you’d rather just wear pants. Shave every now and then. It feels awesome. You’re sick of being in the band, it’s time to stand up on the scaffolding, and be a leader. Or in your case, maybe the chorus is getting old, and it’s time to try for something more. You’re done with crying all the time…

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