13 Feb

Hello possible if-you-are-there followers. I figured I should answer a few questions for all y’all, so that you understand a bit more about where my posts are coming from. Of course, you are still perfectly entitled to relate them to your own life, and/or take them out of context. I would be flattered. But, anyways,


Who are you?

Welp, I’m Shannon. Umm… yeah. I’m not really… um… sure how to answer this question.

Are you tall?

Very tall.

Are you pretty?

Very pretty. *laughs* You don’t know if I’m kidding.

Who are all these people who you write to/about? Also, why?

I often write to/about people who I feel strongly about. I do this because it’s an outlet for me and also because I kind of hope that it may be potentially helpful for people who are going through the sameish things. I like to read my friend’s blogs about how they feel because they make me feel normal in a good way. So that’s why I write them.

Are you always this depressing?

Well… no? Sometimes I’m sad and sometimes I’m happy. My life is quite great. My parents have always loved me and my friends have too. I live by a library. So I know, my life is good. I get sad a lot and that is partially just in my personality/teenagerdom. But I think it’s a nice mix of emotions; extremely varied, like the contents of a fruit salad.

What do you do in your free time?

Well… let’s see. I run cross-country, I volunteer at Special Olympics, take voice lessons, swim in the summer. I also do theater, or I get cut from shows and spend the same 3 hours a day that would be rehearsal missing theater, talking about theater, and worrying about the next audition. You know; just a different kind of drama.

Why do you care so much about theater?

I… well… it’s complicated. I love the group of people/program for sort of unexplainable reasons. I’m also obsessed with it because I can’t stand not being the best at something. Not a great trait, I know.

With what person would you compare your humor?

Tina Fey. No, I’m just kidding. I base my humor after that of my dad, my cat, and the people I went to grade school with. Which is why it’s a BIT dumb.

What is your favorite punctuation mark?

I really like parenthesis, and asterisks, but lately I have definitely been digging the semicolon. So to answer your question; can’t decide.

What’s the furthest you ever went down someone’s Facebook page, pre-timeline?


What’s your favorite song?

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. I also enjoy Sweet Home Alabama and The Circle Song from when I was in Girl Scouts.

What would you say is the meaning for life?

I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that one, people. Try a cooking blog. They know all about that kind of stuff.


One Response to “F.A.Q.”

  1. isabrown7 February 13, 2013 at 5:59 pm #

    are these questions really frequently asked, shannon?

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