(On Tuesday) Everything’s Alright

15 Jan

So for  now, we’re starting this day of the week thing. We got the idea from another blogger (The Other Category), and I quite like it. She posts on Mondays, so I post Tuesdays, Belle posts Wednesdays, Karin Thursdays, and Freddy Fridays. But only when Freddy has things to say.

I chose Tuesday, because historically Tuesday had been my day.

During two times in my life has the day of the week been significant. Tuesdays were Ruby Tuesday; writing club, running club, track, and voice lessons. Nothing ever went wrong on Tuesdays because when it did, I didn’t notice. But that’s all been over.

So then Thursdays were buckeye bar day. When everything else goes wrong, you wait untill Thursday. Then when Thursday comes you pay your $0.75, and everything is right in the word, and you make it to next Thursday. But then I got sick of sweetened peanut butter because I got too many of those things. So we need a new day.

I like Tuesday. Tuesday isn’t like the weekend. You aren’t crazy happy like Saturday or crazy depressed like Sunday. You don’t commiserate with people just for the hell of it the way you do on Monday. The week’s not over on Tuesday. It’s still just beginning. On Tuesday, everything is real. Friends for Tuesdays are friends for life.

So I’m making Tuesday infallible again. Everything that Tuesday says will be taken as truth. Everything Tuesday throws at me will be taken as a blessing. My weekly blog post will be the shining beacon of light in my week. It’s kinda how I want to be every day of the week, but lesbi honest; it’s not happening.

I’ll make it Tuesday, just because I can. On Tuesday, I believe that everything’s alright. Join me?


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