Ideas For A Snowy Day

29 Dec

Ohmigod, guys, it’s snowing! This is really exciting because we haven’t gotten a good amount of snow for, like, two years or something. So in the spirit of more than an inch of snow, I’ve compiled a list of things to do when there’s snow outside. HAPPY COLD WEATHER TIME!!

1.) Go sledding- Sledding is fun, but you have to find the right hill if you want it to be worth your while. First off, you can’t have a bunch of small kids darting around, because then you have to move slowly. Find a deserted hill (a HUGE ONE, preferably in the countryside) and then just go down it as fast as you can.

2.) Make fun of other people’s snowmen- What the heck is THAT? That’s not even a person, it’s like a cat or something. Of course, you might say that making fun of other people’s snowmen is mean, if you want to me mature and whatnot. Come on! It’s snowing! If you’re gonna be like that, you might as well just go inside and drink coffee and, like, watch Downton Abbey or whatever.

Here's a snowman from my neighborhood...

Here’s a snowman from my neighborhood…

3.) Build a snowman and then destroy it- Actually, the fun part is destroying it, as everybody knows. Plus, you can’t have other people making fun of your snowman. So yeah, you have to destroy it.

4.) Make a snow fort- If you have a snow that’s going to last, it’s probably a good idea to build a snow fort or igloo on the first day, so that you can just kind of hang out in it/take cover later on. Of course, snow ball fights are fun too (at first) but they never end well with my brother and I. So, know your group, and plan accordingly. Nobody wants to have snowball fight with that kid who’s probably a psychopath and also isn’t wearing gloves. Partially melted ice-snow. Ouch.

5.) Go for a winter hike- There’s nothing like a good hike in the wilderness when it’s below freezing. Use all those ugly sweaters you keep buying, and wear several pairs of socks. Don’t get lost, or you’ll probably freeze to death.

6.) Do anything that you saw in Calvin and Hobbes


7.) Write a winter idyl- with several inches of snow on the ground, who isn’t a romantic poet? Pull out your pen and paper and sip some cocoa while remembering your childhood on the farm. Those were the days, man! If you didn’t grow up on a farm, you can us Whittier’s Snow-Bound as inspiration.

8.) Go ice-fishing- Okay, I’ve never actually been ice-fishing, but it sounds like a good time, no?


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