Mission Statement

21 Dec

In all truth and honesty, I have no idea how many people consistently read this blog. I have somewhere around 20-ish followers, I think. I estimate that maybe 10 of them are real, mostly my friends. This post is primarily for those of you who actually exist. I say “who actually exist”, because lots of people like my posts right after I post, and there’s no way they have enough time to read them. Also, a lot of my blog views are from N.E. Africa. Sketch.

The rest of you have been very nice, pleasant, and supportive. Thank you. It’s so much easier to put your thoughts our into cyberspace when you people are happy to receive them. Of course, both my parents independently gave me the “internet safety talk”. That was a good time. Unnecessary, though. My grade school used effective scare-tactics for their internet safety unit, so I know that having a need for internet validation is very, very, very dangerous. I’m not meetin’ y’all in dark alleys, keh? I’m not meeting you anywhere.

I figured that after a few months of blogging (figuring out what it’s like), I should write something of a mission statement. So here are the four reasons I’m blogging:

1.) To become a better writer– for obvious reasons, I would like to become a better writer. By “for obvious reasons”, I mean that I want to be able to write beautiful things. Because beautiful things are beautiful. For obvious reasons. Oh, circular reasoning…

2.) For an unknown audience– I like the idea of writing for anyone who happens to stumble across it. Are you there, people? Are you real? Do you have writing advise for me? I wish to improve. You would appreciate it too. (If you really read this… do you?)

3.) For a known audience– I write for my friends, who read my posts for the most part. I read theirs. It’s basically a good ‘ol chanchey blogging time.

4.) To have a hobby– It gives me something to do, and nobody can take it away from me. I’ve grown to care about this blog, and I think about it a lot, too. What I want to post, what I have to say. I kinda just like it. But you get that, ’cause I’m guessing you like your blog too.

And I shall now go forth and Bring Chanchery To All Da Nations. But based on the satistics, mostly the US and N.E. Africa.


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