Lies I Tell Myself

18 Dec

“I’ll do my homework right when I get home. That way I won’t be stressed out the rest of the night.”

“It’s dark chocolate, so it’s good for you.”

“It’s okay that your grades are awful. You’ll study really hard for finals.”

“I need to de-stress. But I’m going to bed after one episode of 30 Rock.”

“I’m going to teach myself how to play the piano.”

“I like to go running. It makes me feel good.”

“No, that WAS really funny. They just didn’t get it.”

“I’m going to eat healthier. Tomorrow.”

“I’m really going to work hard this year.”

“As long as they’re happy. That’s the important thing.”

“I’m sure they really like me. They’re just quiet.”

“Whatever, I don’t care that much anyways.”

“As soon as finals end, my problems will all be better.”

“It’ll be fun.”

“Ugh. I hate this song. So cheezy.”

“I’m happy for them!”


2 Responses to “Lies I Tell Myself”

  1. djmatticus December 18, 2012 at 10:02 pm #

    But… but… but… dark chocolate is good for you! Isn’t it??!! 😀

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