Top 10 Thought Catalog Articles

3 Dec

So because my blog is essentially a worse version of Thought Catalog, I figured I should let any of you people who read this (and aren’t actually obliged due to friendship with me) know that you could be reading something a lot better. The following articles are my personal favorites. I started reading TC about a year ago, and I would also like add that these just a very few of the excellent articles on there. There are so many more by people like Ryan O’Connell, Stephanie Georgopulos, Chelsea Fagan, and Mila Jaroniec. Hundreds.

Keh, have fun. Probs won’t ever see you again.

Remembering School Lunch/ Stephanie Georgopulos (6/21/11)

Types Of Face People Make When Getting Their Picture Taken/ Ryan O’Connell (11/8/11)

Advice I Would Like To Give To Teenagers/ Ryan O’Connell (12/19/11)

How We Talk About The People We Don’t Know Anymore/ Stephanie Georgopulos (5/8/12)

I’m Here For You/ Mila Jaroniec (8/1/10)

Disney Songs For The Single Girl/ Chelsea Fagan (10/12/12)

I Want You Because/ Mila Jaroniec (10/23/12)

The Halloween Candy Hierarchy / Brian Donovan (10/31/12)

On Language, Texting, & Being/ Daniel Coffeen (11/10/12)

I Belive In Everything/ Ethan Ryan (11/14/12)


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