Why I Hate Election Day

6 Nov

I will not divulge here my personal beliefs, philosophical or technical, because frankly that’s not the point of this article. That’s not just really not the point. Stick with me.

On occasion, I argue a bit with acquaintances about politics. Usually, at the onset of the conversation, they are people who I’m okay with, and usually, by the end of the conversation, they are people who I sort of.. hate. I struggle with the less noble side of my personality, repeating to myself over and over that people are more than their political beliefs. And this is true, they are.

I’ll be perfectly honest; I know nothing about politics. Sometimes I delude myself into thinking that I do, because I consider myself a fairly reasonable person, and because once (YEARS ago) I invested a fair amount of time (okay, a lot of time) into listening to political podcasts because a friend of mine liked them, and it was an excuse of something to talk about, but… did I ever care? Not really.

While we’re at honest admissions, let me add that I know (really) nothing about anything. You’ve figured out from my blog that I know nothing about writing, but oooooohhh, there’s more. I want to go into psychology, and I still don’t know they basic functions of the basic parts of the brain (and yes, we learned them). I’ve been in/obsessed with theater for the last two-and-a-half years, and I still am not completely sure which side is stage right and which is stage left. I took piano lessons for four years, and still can’t play anything past “Clementine”. Basic chords and melody. In the key of C major. I spent most of my young life reading, and you know what? It was fun, but okay, I’ll be honest it never really made me any smarter. Never. If anything it just confused me permanently.

So that brings us to Election Day, 2012.

Because I go to Catholic school, most of the people I’m surrounded with are (very) conservative. Not all of them. Obviously, some are liberal, and probably more than I realize are probably pretty moderate (not surprisingly they’re not the ones making their beliefs loudly heard).

Anyways, these conservatives… I will henceforth generalize.

When I hear these people talk, I know right  away that they have no idea what they are talking about. They talk about how Obama is trying to sabotage America, and how the only important issue is abortion, and how Mitt Romney looks good for his age. Mostly, they stick to these three topics. Hopefully, you can understand why this makes me angry. Maybe not. If not, you should probably just stop reading now. Obviously we are on completely different wavelengths, and I will probably never have any idea what you’re talking about.

And of course, it’s not just acquaintances. What’s worse is that it’s sometimes friends. A few months ago while I was ranting about 30 Rock (I love 30 Rock, articles to follow), a friend of mine said “I hate Tina Fey. She’s so liberal.” Now granted, she was in a bad mood. And she was angry at me. But really, is that reason enough to justify that kind of logic? I mean, where do you get off?? That’s coming from a person who has never seen 30 Rock and knows NOTHING about politics. NOTHING.

And of COURSE it’s not just conservatives, either. Politics does this weird thing to everyone. It seems like the subject comes up, and ideas like “finding common ground”, “listening”, “sharing ideas”, and “staying open to a change of personal opinion” go completely out the window. I guess this is obvious. Still, people whom I expect to be informed and reasonable, people whom I normally trust, like the writers of Thought Catalog go and write things like this.

These things make me angry, they do. But I think that the COMBINATION of the two main points I’ve made is what really makes me angry. They don’t know what they’re talking about, but neither do I. I say stupid things, make stupid assumptions, ignore important issues and generally slack off and don’t do the research necessary to stay informed.

I don’t really have a final, uplifting thought on this subject. I guess I can just hope that tomorrow we will all become reasonable people who respect each other. Or I guess I can always go and live in the middle of the wilderness and never talk to another person for the rest of my life.

Or I guess I can just take some solace from the fact that sometimes a person will tell me I have no idea what I’m talking about because I don’t, or will make some kind of effort to understand the truth.

I guess I can, and in fact I guess I will have to allow these people to get me though the cruel insults, the ill-formed opinions, and the crazy flood of this political madness.


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