All I Ever Listen To Is Bon Iver

29 Oct

Throughout the past few years, I have always had a pretty good rotation of albums and songs that I’m listening to at any given time. I’ll have a Coldplay album, some classic rock, a bit of Indie and a few pop songs and oldies throw into the mix. Usually when I get bored with whatever new material is on my iPod, I just jump right into shuffle songs and have a nostalgia party complete with sobbing (which leads nicely into the entire Godspell album brought to me by the cruelty of shufflin’ and the original Broadway cast). But then: this all changed when I downloaded Spotify.

Because my iPod is as old as time, and because music only plays out of one ear bud, I was sort of just waiting to find a cheap alternative to getting another one. Well Spotify changed all that! Now I can listen to whatever I feel like listening to (Bon Iver) whenever I want (all the time). I can also listen to it in school sometimes when teachers aren’t looking if I turn my head at certain angles, which is a nice plus.

The only downside (not really) is that I basically just listen to Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago on repeat. I think this is partially because it’s a nice album which makes me calm and happy and feel very autumn-esque emotions (how beautiful). Mostly, though,  I think it’s because when I don’t have the names of artists I like written down for me in alphabetical order, I completely forget what I like to listen to in the first place. Also because I’m so lazy that I will never make a playlist. So… Bon Iver it is. Again.

Anyways, if you’re on Facebook, and you see “Shannon listened to ‘Flume’ and 165 other songs by Bon Iver” you can rest assured that no, I did not accidently mute my computer and forget to stop the music. Yes, I did spend the last three hours doing homework and listening to Indie/Folk. Don’t judge. Seriously, don’t, because I am quite ready to inform the world that you have been listening to Ke$ha and Taylor Swift.

And Spotify, I gotta say: It sure was nice of you to ask, but I do not want to listen to “related artists” like Iron and Wine, or Little Wings. Just give me my For Emma by Bon Iver, please and thank you.


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