If I Were To Vote…

26 Oct

 If I were to vote in the election in November, I would vote for Green Party representative Jill Stein. Not all of Jill’s beliefs (both philosophical and moral) are necessarily beliefs that I share. Despite this fact, I feel that Jill Stein has a vested interest in restoring the American Democratic System to make it more representative of the population as a whole.

The extensive “Voting Rights and Democracy” section of her issues page left a lasting impact on the way I viewed both of the two bipartisan candidates (Romney and Obama). I feel that we have come to a point in our government where is has become more important to focus on re-working the system than to continue to struggle in gridlock over issues that the two major parties will never agree on.

Stein suggests getting the big money payoffs out of politics by implementing public funding of election campaigns, as well as guaranteeing equal access to the ballot and to the debates to all qualified candidates. I share a strong belief in both ideologies, as well as several others that Stein proposes.

While many of Stein’s beliefs are even more liberally radical than those held by Democratic Party members (in areas such as healthcare and taxes), I believe that she supports the progress of America as a whole.

In short, Jill Stein is able to keep her true, honest (and slightly too-radical) ideologies intact as she has no vested interest in pleasing special interest groups that don’t support the progress of America. I feel that while I may not agree with all the beliefs held by this party or representative, she would finally provide that “change” that Obama promised in ’08, and I would be able to trust that she has presented a belief system that is wholly hers, instead of manipulating me to get my vote.


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