Embarrassing Things That I’ve Cried About

9 Sep

1.)   This summer I watched a one minute commercial for the Olympics about a gymnast from the 90’s who hurt her ankle and didn’t get a high score when the US team was depending on her. (My brother and I both make sarcastic comments), then, lo and behold, she gets another chance! She gets to try again, and she does it! She gets a high enough score for the US team to win! Her coach carries her off, and she is crying with joy. (My brother makes a sarcastic comment as I sob on the other end of the couch).

2.)   On a plane ride to Europe after 8th grade I saw that ‘Dear John’ would be playing. After making a few snappy comments about teenage girls and their annoying sentimentality, I decided to watch the movie to make fun of it. After an hour, I was not only fully engrossed, but large tears were rolling down my cheeks as I tried to cover my face with a passenger pillow.

3.)   After making some more snappy comments during the trip about the movie, I saw that it would be playing again on the way back. I decided that I would watch it again and not cry this time. This time I cried not only DURING the sad scenes, but also in anticipation of them.

4.)   A few months ago my mom was telling a story about a friend of hers who had been feeling sad lately. She said that this person just sometimes felt sad for no reason, and had called to talk to my mom earlier that day, feeling particularly upset. Directly after hearing this story, I started crying. My mom seemed confused by this.

5.)   While last-minute studying for my history final freshman year, I started crying while reading about the impact the cotton gin had upon slave labor.

6.)   A few weeks ago, while watching ‘16 and Pregnant’, the girl who was having a child got really choked up about her decision to give up her child for adoption, which made me start crying. It also made me choke on a chocolate covered raisin, which, for some reason, seemed really pathetic, and made me cry harder.

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