How to listen to Death Cab For Cutie’s We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes

21 Aug

Get We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes on the first day of September. Download it to your iTunes account, and listen to Title Track before going upstairs to finish the paper you have to write for English. Later, listen to the entire album while staring out the window looking at the cars going past and the trees that are starting to change colors. Forget about English paper and turn it in one day late for 50% credit.

Hum Title Track to yourself the next day during cross country practice. Think of We Have The Facts album cover and wish you had someone you trusted on the cross country team. Remember running in the fall with people you trusted. Tell yourself that you should be over that by now, because it was years ago. Resolve to miss newer things. Regret running cross country.

Listen to this album when you’re alone on a Saturday afternoon doing laundry. Realize that this is just the kind of loneliness this album describes. Remember what it was like when you felt happier than you ever believed possible. Remember how you felt when you lost the things that made you feel that way. Wonder if you will ever let yourself feel that happy again. Let the album keep playing, but don’t think about these things anymore. Think about your school projects, and play auditions, and the fact that you have to check the voicemail on your phone. Feel slightly lonely and yet glad you’re alone. Turn off the music when the first returning car pulls in the driveway.

Listen to We Have The Facts on a road-trip to Toledo for a water polo tournament with your dad. Turn the volume up to 32 and sing as loud as you can. Be glad that you were born into your own family and not somebody else’s.

Play the album straight through after you finish hours of homework on a cold night in late October. Wonder if the things you decided to care about this year were mistakes. Wonder if you should try to care about different things. Decide that you should stick with the things you decided to care about, and then memorize your limited number of lines from the fall play. Hear the rain start to fall outside your window. Open window and watch rain. Lay back down and listen to the rain. Fall asleep before you get to Company Calls.

Feel bored at school the next day. Wonder if this education will lead you to a good job. Wonder if a good job will make you happy. Decide that a good job probably won’t make you that much happier. Decide that you have no interest in the French language. Sing Scientist Studies to yourself and ignore French teacher. Feel glad that you have this song, and it is all your own. Consider telling your best friend to go home and listen to it, and then decide not to. You need this one thing to be all your own, for now.

Forget about We Have The Facts completely and entirely. Immerse yourself in school, theater, and the other things that you decided to care about. Watch all the leaves finish falling from the trees. Make new friends to stop feeling sad about missing the old ones. Continue to wonder if you are caring about the right things. Continue to wonder if you are good enough to spend time with the people you like to spend time with. Continue to decide yes, but continue to question yourself. Let eight months pass.

Listen to We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes when the summer arrives. Remember the fall, the road-trips, the exhaustion and the rain. Feel moderately surprised that you made it through this year of life as well as you did. Feel glad that you have this album of loneliness and remembering and regret if you need to relate to that. Realize that there will always be loneliness. There will always be rain and stress and people who make you sad. Realize that there will always be new music, and sunshine, and people who make you smile, too. Listen to the album once, and then go hiking in the woods with your best friend. Go to the pool and do a cannonball off that high-dive. Buy a snow-cone. Live your life.


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